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The Shera Marketing Campaign is an initiative aimed at promoting the Shera Tokens (SHR) and creating awareness about the Shera platform. As part of the campaign, the Shera team is conducting an airdrop of 1 million SHR tokens, where participants can earn entries and stand a chance to win a share of the prize.
To participate in the airdrop, individuals can follow the instructions provided by the Shera team, which may include tasks such as following Shera on social media, joining their Telegram group, or sharing their campaign with friends. The more entries an individual earns, the higher their chances of winning one of the top 10 prizes.
The Shera platform is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), providing users with fast and secure trading of various cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers features such as liquidity provision, staking, and yield farming.
By participating in the airdrop and exploring the Shera platform, individuals can discover the potential of SHR tokens and the benefits of using the Shera platform.
Last modified 10mo ago