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Shera Is A Revolutionary Combination Of DeFi – NFT Collectibles And GameFi Technologies With Groundbreaking Tx Gas-Saving Techniques And Mindset.
Shera aim's to be one of the best in creating a safe and exciting space for all its users to enjoy modernized tooling, advanced DeFi platforms, education, Play2Earn gaming, and all things metaverse.
The year 2021 was a successful year for the gaming industry as $180.3 billion mark of total revenue was reached. That's a new milestone as five years ago, global revenues amounted to approximately $91 billion. The future of gaming has never been brighter, but it demands a new way of looking at the market. According to a Newzoo report, the gaming industry grew rapidly in the 1980s, reaching $7.6 billion in the 1980s and generating $180.3 billion in revenue in 2021, with revenues expected to exceed $200 billion by the end of 2023.
The concept of play-to-earn is getting popular; this is significantly enhanced in areas where finding paid work may be difficult and for people in difficult circumstances where opportunities are scarce.
Users can farm or gather crypto and NFTs in play-to-earn games, which can then be sold on the market. Each player can earn more items or tokens to sell and generate an income by playing the game regularly.
Shera Runner is the first project of Shera in P2E gaming market and a success in this project will ensure many more thrilling games to be launched from Shera Publishers!
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